Moto Guzzi V9 Racer

Rhapsody in Blue Caferacer – collector’s item

A reduced bike with classic design elements on a modern V9 base, the Moto Guzzi was transformed into a timeless and purist racer.
Although the motorbike is from 2016, we went “back to the roots” and provided it with artificial respiration with the help of two Keihin carburetors. These will give the bike the necessary boost for the sprint races and give the conversion a flair of nostalgia.
Finest artisan work with hand made tail section out of aluminum and partially adapted frame construction gives this conversion a pure racer look.
To top up the racing configuration, the bike is seasoned with the finest herbs from racing components such as CNC Racing footpegs, Jetprime racing buttons and IMA triple clamp, as well as various custom-made elements.
The paint is a rare mixture of “scrubbed”, high gloss shine, and strong blue – Rhapsody in Blue.

photos: Urs Schmid Zumbrunn-Studio