ARCTOS Collection is a common brand of Fuhrer Moto, Gannet Design and Fuhrer Auto.
Here we bundle our know-how and special knowledge from each of our areas to bring unique projects to life.

Design | Fabrication | Mechanics | Tuning | Racing | Custombuild

Hidden in the picturesque small valley of the Emmental region lies a jewel of a landscape. Dark misty forests, lush mats, speckled houses, combined with a good pinch of mystic ambience.
This dreamy landscape also has a fascinating mixture of traditional craftsmanship workshops, as well as hidden cutting edge high tech firms.
That is the location of the new brand ARCTOS-Collection which pulls the two areas together: handcrafted and high tech.
The Emmental region, same as where the famous Emmental cheese comes from, is located in the Swiss Canton Bern, which has a bear as their heraldic animal. The name and logo of the brand also underlines the origin of the ARCTOS-Collection. (Arctos means bear in ancient Greek)